iPhone 6S locked to iCloud Activation Unlock - 353336074998510

This handset is reported as lost/stolen and requires Premium Service. You will be emailed as soon as this service is available, as we don't have a timescale yet.

iCloud Activation Unlock - Progress of your IMEI: 99%

18 Jan 2022 11:00:04 - Premium service required
Eligibility failed - Premium Service Required

We attempted to deliver your unlock Over The Air via 3G and Wifi, but were unable to do so due to a failed eligibilty check.

We respectfully have to inform you that your phone is unfortunately marked by the carrier as either blocked/barred/blacklisted. A handset can be blocked for non payment of bills, bad ESN or contract issues. This means this iPhone has failed eligibility checks and must go on a Premium Service.  

Eligibility Checks

Sat 15/01/2022, 16:28

Model : iPhone 6S Plus 16GB ROSE GOLD
IMEI : 353336074998510
Activation Status:

Telephone Technical Support : Expired
Repairs And Service Coverage : Expired
Repairs And Service Expires In : 0
Refurbished Device : No
Replaced Device : No
Loaner Device : No
Find My iPhone: ON
Next Tether Policy (Carrier): unlock
SIM-Lock : Unlocked

Order Updates

Mon 09/05/2022, 08:24

iCloud Premium Now Available

We are pleased to announce that iCloud Premium service is finally available. This removes the iCloud account for all devices, including barred ones.

Due to the popularity of the service timeframe is expected to take 30 days.

The price of this service is £99.99 but as a previous Clean iCloud purchaser your previous vouchers have been discounted for you leaving £49.99 to pay.

Simply follow the link to purchase:


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Tue 18/01/2022, 17:55

Hi Esther,As should have been explained in the email we already sent you a refund is not a problem - please send proof the device is not lost/stolen e.g. the original invoice from Apple or your carrier, either electronic or physical. Without the requested information the supplier will not arrange a refund, and in turn we cannot refund you via card but you have been given a credit note or credit note to use against a different service on our site. These terms are clearly stated on our website prior to purchase - https://iphoneimei.net/refund-policy. If you have no other device to unlock at this time, perhaps friends or a family member can make use of your credit note?
Tue 18/01/2022, 11:00

Dear Esther,

We attempted to remove your iCloud locked device from the previous owner's account but were unable to do so as the iCloud Account associated with the iPhone 6S (353336074998510) is unfortunately marked by Apple as Lost/Stolen. This does NOT necessarily mean that the iPhone 6S has been reported lost to the carrier - this is something totally different. It means the device/iCloud account has been reported using FindMyiPhone.

As stated on the website before purchase it is not possible to remove the Activation Lock on iDevices which are in Apple's iCloud lost/stolen database using our Clean service.

However as a goodwill gesture you have been given a voucher for the full value of your purchase, under the email address [email protected] which you can use on a different device or against a network unlock for a different unit (please note they cannot be used against another iCloud unlock, see below for reasons), or you can save the voucher to use against the Premium Service which is due to resume shortly as stated. This voucher will not expire

As we have already prepared your unlock and incurred a submission charge by our supplier, we cannot issue a card refund for devices which are rejected for being on the blacklist (as per our terms and conditions at https://iphoneimei.net/refund-policy).

There are numerous services such as http://cleancheck.me (FREE) which can be used to identify Lost/Stolen devices.

** Important: this voucher is not compatible with another iCloud purchase **
Please note that we incur a cost from our supplier EVERY SINGLE time we submit an iCloud unlock, and they refuse refunds for blacklisted units. Some clients previously took advantage of this and were using their vouchers to submit 10+ iClouds consecutively, costing us hundreds of dollars on a $50 purchase. For this reason, we now only allow ONE failed iCloud purchase per customer. Please use your voucher against a network unlock, not an iCloud unlock. If you have no other device to sim unlock at the current time, please save your vouchers for premium service for this IMEI, or perhaps friends or a family member can make use of one of our network unlocks?


For queries about your order, please email [email protected]

Once we have any new information you are immediately emailed and kept informed here. Please try to save your contact with us for any issues with your unlock once it has been done, although we do reply to every single email we receive. Thank you!